Shamanic Healing courses

June 15, 2016

Shamanic Healing Day course one

Learn the basics of symptomology and how to access your own healing ability. Discover what your body has been trying to tell you over the years.

You will learn corrections that you can go away and use on yourself for self help and healing.

Discover the chakras and subtle bodies and ways in which you can heal yourself by working within these energy centres.

This day course helps set you off on the pathway to inner enlightenment and healing.

The course comes with full manual.

Cost – £100.00 inc refreshments and manual

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Shamanic healing course Two

This four week course will give you the foundations of basic shamanic healing.

Shamanic healing is about getting to the core issues that lie behind a person’s dis-ease. It is about travelling to the deepest parts of the pysche to retrieve long hidden issues that need to see the light of day so true healing can begin

You will learn symptomology and how to understand what symptoms are trying to tell us. What are our migraines or relationship problems trying to tell us?

You will be taught how to access deep behavioural issues that lie within someones energy system causing them imbalance and ill health.

This course helps you to open up to your own healing potential and how to use it for the greater good of others.

It is an excellent course for people searching for the meaning to their life, their own existence and how to move themselves on so they can become fulfilled, healthy, happy and content.

The full four week course is £1000.00 or it can be taken one week at a time for £250.00 per week. You can take the weeks when you need to and do not have to do them all together.

The course comes with all training manuals and full certification.

If you would like to book the course, then please fill in and send the on-line booking form below and a non-refundable deposit of £100.00. Your place will not be secured until payment has been received and cleared.

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