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June 15, 2016

CPD Training courses in Kinesiology

Assimilation Kinesiology:

Assimilation is dealing with a rejection or an ignorance of a part of ourselves be it mentally or physically that we need to address.

This may manifest itself in negative behaviour patterns that a person doesn’t realise they are doing or in physical symptoms that just will not go away.

We then need to accept, integrate and assimilate that part of ourselves that we have been ignoring or rejecting so that we can become whole again.

Assimilation always deals with ‘stuck’ issues where people just cannot move on from whatever they are suffering from.

Assimilation seeks to correct these imbalances within our energy system that has given rise to symptoms and an inability to move on.

We will be working in not only our physical body but in our subtle bodies and chakras to elicit true all round healing.

All forms of kinesiology can use these techniques and they can be used and slotted in to your form of treatment easily.

All assimilation courses are recognised as CPD by the Kinesiology Federation and all courses come certificated.

Assimilation 1: Two day course – £200

Assimilation 2: Two day course – £200

Both courses include all study materials and refreshments

All courses will be held in Morpeth, Northumberland but I can teach elsewhere with a minimum of ten students.

Please note that deep healing will take place on these courses and therefore people should prepare for this.

Transformational Kinesiology

Transformational kinesiology seeks to transform ‘powerlessness’ that we feel in ourselves and transform it into action and peace.

This course is aimed at clearing the third chakra by giving us a sense of our own power. It helps us to recognise our power instead of always giving it away or rejecting it.

How do we get power? What is power? How do I use it?

The world constantly shows us how we don’t on a global level understand power and this confusion manifests itself in masses of people feeling powerless and not in control of their lives, career, wealth, health etc.

They then try to claim power back by dominating others and struggling to gain some kind of control within our lives. We nearly always end up feeling a failure and a loser even when we have achieved many things in our life.

We carry this struggle with power within ourselves where we constantly try to prove our strength or power by dominating our basic instincts and intuition and ignoring them, thereby setting up the battle for the rest of our lives.

If we are able to stop this constant battle and start listening to our hearts, speaking our truth when we need to and following our instincts then we become true beings living in harmony not only with ourselves but with the rest of humanity and life as well.

When we don’t do this, then create pain in our physical body. We may hold pain in our joints or muscles, possibly cannot get rid of headaches, have bad periods, suffer neck and back aches or another symptom no matter what work we have done on them to release them.

These body of corrections will help release the pattern that keeps us holding onto pain and physical symptoms long after the initial reason has been dealt with. They will help us get control back within our body and lives and help enpower us to a greater existence.

Deep healing will ensue when the blockage to releasing the pain and the powerlessness be it mental or physical has been lifted and the person goes through into a kind of ‘rebirth’ from which they feel cleansed and renewed.

Transformational one: Two day course – £200.00

All courses come with study materials and refreshments and are fully certificated.

Kinesiology Course Dates

Below are the dates for all the Kinesiology courses that we provide.

Please note that these courses start in these months each year, please choose a month and fill in the on-line booking form below or register at stating the course you require.

Assimilation One



Assimilation Two



Transformational Kinesiology


Provisions can be made if you would like to start any of the above courses outside of these times, please contact us with your requirements and we will get back to you.

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