Biochemical Aromatherapy and Stress Another Approach

Stress as defined in the Chambers 20th Century Dictionary is a hardship or a system of forces applied to the body leading to pressure from emotional, physical or mental influences: the insistent assigning of weight or importance. Stress could also be defined as that what ever we see, hear smell, taste or think has a[…]

Biochemical Aromatherapy

In the case of Frankincense, I have observed that it works on old past fear whether it comes from the past life or present life situations. I have written a book on my own psychological observations which forms part of this course. Most cases of panic or fear do not come from the present time[…]

Biochemical Aromatherapy article

With more and more people turning to Aromatherapy not just for a relaxing massage but as a form of treatment for their ailments, it is time for us Aromatherapists to understand scientifically how essential oils work within the body. At the moment, the only thing that we know about oils are that they relax us[…]

The Nature of Disease

Like the butterfly effect in chaos theory, disease can be explained by a similar effect within the human body. Similar to how a butterfly’s wing beat in South America can cause a tornado in Alaska, so can a single thought pattern develop into a variety of complex diseases without control. The problem here lies not[…]

How the Unconscious Mind Affects Illness

Can our unconscious mind start and affect illness? Can we influence the unconscious mind and illness by changing the way we think? I think we can. The way society thinks, the way our parents think and the way we think subconsciously affects everything we do, from the way we interact with each other to the[…]