June 14, 2016

This book examines each essential oil’s psychological profile and where in the body and mind it works.

Let the book take you through the different chakras and subtle bodies and how essential oils work and influence them. Then work through and discover each individual oil and it’s effects on the emotional and mental aspect of an individual.

Below is an excerpt from the book:

CLARY SAGE Salvia scarea

Clary Sage works within the Causal and Buddhic bodies and on the Sacral and BrowChakras. It resonates to the frequency of acceptance, clarity and surrender.

Clary Sage helps all of us accept our yin traits and to uphold them as being as powerful as our yang traits.

Women respond excellently to this oil where they have not accepted their gender, and it helps them to see that by accepting themselves wholly they are much stronger. In today’s society it is fashionable to turn our backs on the gentle, calm, surrendering side of our nature and to concentrate on the exciting, energetic, warm side, and to promote this as being better.

Women today find it hard to surrender to their bodies – the monthly periods are considered a ‘curse’, something to grit your teeth and bear. Women constantly do not accept themselves when they shave their legs, armpits, eyebrows, wear make-up. Women naturally grow hairs on their bodies and it is an odd society whereby we think it is wrong for women to be hairy. In this very act of shaving, women are not accepting themselves and they worry endlessly about wearing a short dress if they haven’t had their legs waxed, and will go to great lengths to hide them. Julia Roberts caused such an uproar when she appeared in public with unshaved armpits – and how many women did I hear comment on how ‘disgusting’ it looked!

And here is the nub of the matter. How can people accept us as women when we cannot accept ourselves? Women grow hair – full stop. It’s natural, but women call it disgusting, they view their periods as disgusting and if they so much as put on ½” of fat or a couple of pounds in weight, women start hating themselves and desperately wishing to be someone else, rather than just accepting who they are.

Clary Sage gives these women the intuition, the clarity to see where they need to change. It dispels the hatred and changes it into acceptance and love. Clary Sage stops women from taking out this self-hatred on themselves by regulating their menstrual cycles, clearing up menopausal problems and generally helping them to submit to their bodies.

Clary Sage also helps people submit to their sexuality, either gender based or in terms of sexual activity. It helps women accept their sexual urges and to submit to them without hidden worry. It allows women to claim sex for their own, instead of accepting society’s view of women and sex – women shouldn’t sleep around, women don’t touch their genitals, for example. Clary Sage helps them submit to their urges without fear of reproach.

Clary Sage is excellent for men when they are too ‘masculine’ and have lost touch with their female side, or do not want to submit to it for fear of ridicule or loss of manhood.

Men who have been forced never to cry or show emotion respond well to Clary Sage, helping them to submit and accept their emotions and to release them without fear of looking silly or stupid.


Avoid during pregnancy or if suffering from low blood pressure. Do not use it when drinking alcohol.

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