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June 15, 2016

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Biochemical Aromatherapy Course
Two and One day Biochemical Aromatherapy Workshops

With more and more people turning to Aromatherapy not just for a relaxing massage but as a form of treatment for their ailments, it is time for us to understand scientifically how essential oils work within the body.

At the moment, the only thing that we know about oils are that they relax us or stimulate us or that they are good at relieving headaches and so on but do we know WHY they do this and how.

In conventional Aromatherapy courses we are taught the ways in which essential oils are carried into the body but there it stops.

We are a product of our Biochemicals, they are the instructions for every action and thought pattern in our body. Without them we could neither think, feel or breathe amongst other things.

When Biochemical activity goes awry, then problems start to manifest in the physical body. We could develop eczema, insomnia and Irritable Bowel Syndrome for example.

We could become depressed, agitated, irritable, have mood swings or feel blissfully happy and contented.

Essential oils play an important part in influencing the brain.

In these workshops we will examine how essential oils work within the brain, what biochemicals actually are? And which essential oils influence each biochemical.

You can by choosing the correct oil, encourage the body to produce a particular brain chemical that will counteract a symptom or feeling.

We will be looking at practical methods of using this information so that you can use it to help heal others.

This workshop will be looking at links between our biochemicals and our meridians, chakras and subtle bodies.

Expand your knowledge of essential oils a little further and join this enjoyable course. It does not matter that chemistry was not your favourite subject, this workshop hopes, in a fun way, to help you see why essential oils heal the way they do.


From Josie Donaldsons’ pioneering work at the Head Injury Unit of Morpeth Cottage Hospital- comes this startling new course designed for all people everywhere – it will change the way you think about illness.

All courses taught go toward CPD points for Aromatherapy. On completion of course a certificate will be awarded.

These courses are popular and places are limited so please book early.

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One Day Starter Courses

One Day Starter Workshop – Massage

This one day workshop will give you a taste of massage and will take you through all the different strokes of massage and how to apply them.

This course is not designed for you to work on others but to give you an idea of whether it is something you would like to take further without enrolling on a more costly course.

This workshop is excellent for people who care for a relative or individual and would like to be taught a specific massage for their person’s condition.

This workshop helps you to get a flavour of massage as a whole and is ideal as a beginners course before you take the diploma.

Note: No essential Oils will be used during this workshop.

One Day Workshop in Massage – £100.00 with workshop notes

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One Day Starter Workshop in Essential Oils

This workshop will give you the basic information about Essential oils.

It will take you through storage, contra-indications, how to use, what to look for in a essential oil and quality.

We will focus on two essential oils and look at them in a little more depth.

Please note that attending this workshop is not going to allow you to use essential oils on other people but will give you a solid groundwork in them if you have had no previous knowledge of them and how to use them.

If you would like to use essential oils on others then please see the Diploma or four week courses on essential oils.

One Day Starter Workshop on Essential Oils – £100.00 with workshop notes.

These courses are designed to be fun and to give you an experience of working within a group and on others, they are highly enjoyable and unmissable.

These courses are ideal for team building corporate days.

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Diploma in Clinical Aromatherapy

Course Overview: A IFA approved course teaching all aspects of aromatherapy, anatomy and physiology, remedial massage, nutrition and counselling designed to train you to work within a clinic setting, in hospitals, care homes and hospices.

Start Date: The course is designed around you and so you can start the course at any time.

Who the course is for: The course is designed for people who cannot afford to stop working to study or those who have children or time or health constraints which means that they cannot commit to a full time course in a college but can work from home.

Entry requirements: There are no entry requirements as all students will be taught everything they need to know to become a working aromatherapist.

Learning methods: The course consists of an on-line campus where students can log on and download all the study materials and study at home and in the time frame they desire. There are 10 modules consisting of 30 weeks of theory of which homework needs to be submitted for each week.

There is a practical workshop once a month where students will learn all aspects of massage and healing.

Students will be asked to submit a thesis and a business plan at the end of the year.

Students without a computer will be sent the study material through the post.

Assessment methods: All theory will be assessed by homework submitted by the student and given a mark which goes towards their final mark.

Practical work will be assessed each month and given an overall mark at the end of the year.

Students need to complete case studies at home which they submit and are assessed on at the end of the year.

School exams on theory and practical will be taken at the end of the school year.

If they pass the school exams the student will be put forward for the IFA exam where an independent examiner will come and examine students from the IFA, upon passing this, they will become full members of the International Federation of Aromatherapists,

Qualifications gained: Diploma in clinical aromatherapy and able to use the letters L.N.E.S.A (Licentiate of the North East School of Aromatherapy).

Upon passing the IFA exam, they can then use the letters M.I.F.A as well.

Progression and career opportunities: This course will enable you to set up in your practice, work in clinics, hospitals, hospices, care homes, obtain work in the perfumery trade, essential oil distributors/distilleries.

Course costs: The cost of the course is £2300 for one year and a further fee to take the IFA exam. The student needs to buy their own essential and carrier oils, pens, paper and books needed for the course.

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Please remember that you can study these courses at your own pace and in your own time to suit your commitments

Biochemical Aromatherapy Course One

Biochemical Aromatherapy Course One – Stress

This course will teach you about the various parts of the brain and what are biochemicals. You will learn about the different biochemicals involved in stress and what essential oils influence these chemicals.

You will have in depth analysis of each essential oil and its psychological pattern and how it relates to our lives ( time permitting, we will try to cover as many oils as possible).

You will be taught safe techniques that you can use on yourself and others ( even if you are not an Aromatherapist) on clearing ‘set’ patterns of stress and behavior from our lives.

Learn about how to use oils to clear ‘stuck’ attitudes and behavior patterns around stress.

It is advisable to take Biochemical Aromatherapy Course One before taking any of the other courses as this course gives you a solid grounding in the brain and the biochemicals it produces.

After taking this course you can take any of the other courses in any order you wish.

Two day course – £200.00 with full training manual and certificate.

One day course – £100.00 with full training manual and certificate.

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Biochemical Aromatherapy Course Two

Biochemical Course Two – Allergy, Energy and Digestion

Discover how allergies and intolerance occur, what goes on within the body when the body encounters an allergen and the role that Essential Oils perform in alleviating the symptoms and even correcting allergies.

Learn about how essential oils affect digestion and the Krebs Cycle and how digestive disorders can be worked on with essential oils. Delve into the digestive system and discover how this system works and it’s relationship to the rest of the body.

Work on psychological aspects of the digestive system to bring it back into harmony so that recurring digestive problems stop.

Two Day Course – £200.00 including Training manual and certificate

This course is recognised for CPD by the International Federation of Aromatherapists.

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Biochemical Aromatherapy Course Three

Biochemical Aromatherapy Course Three – Endocrine System

This course gives you a solid grounding in all aspects of the endocrine system. You will learn the different glands and the associated hormones from each gland and how essential oils affect these glands and the subsequent symptoms.

We will be looking at disorders of the endocrine system in particular, menstrual and menopause problems and how essential oils affect the biochemicals involved and help alleviate the symptoms.

There will be in depth work on the psychological aspects of the endocrine system and how oils can be used to bring the system back into balance.

Two Day Course – £200.00 with full manual and certificate

This course is recognised for CPD by the International Federation of Aromatherapists.

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Biochemical Aromatherapy Course Four

Biochemical Aromatherapy Course Four – Immune System and Infection

This course explores the biochemicals involved in infection and the immune response and the essential oils that can be used to influence them.

We will be looking at disorders of the immune system including auto-immune disorders such as some forms of arthritis and Sjorgrens, constant infections and skin problems.

This course will take you through which essential oils affect which biochemicals and how they can influence symptoms.

We will also look at the metaphysical psychological aspects behind the immune system and why the symptoms occur as they do.

Two Day Course – £200.00 with full manual and certificate.

This course is recognised for CPD by the International Federation of Aromatherapists.

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