The Nature of Disease

Like the butterfly effect in chaos theory, disease can be explained by a similar effect within the human body.

Similar to how a butterfly’s wing beat in South America can cause a tornado in Alaska, so can a single thought pattern develop into a variety of complex diseases without control.

The problem here lies not so much in creating a model to fit and control but to open our minds to the ever expansiveness of disease – through the chaos of our thoughts comes the order of disease.

In our minds illness is the chaos but in reality, in nature, illness is the order out of the chaos.

The turbulence created by a single thought pattern can not only reverberate through an individual for years/generations through the DNA but also can cause symptoms that are hard to treat, define and order.

Topological transitivity.

There is one phenomenon that occurs within thought in that a complex branching occurs whereby the form of the thought pattern breaks and diversifies according to the evolution of what has gone on in the past, a stored experience and the individuals past thinking patterns with the pysche choosing the best thought to follow thus creating more and more diverse symptoms.

This topological mixing occurs as the pysche chews over and mulls over a particular idea/thought/issue which evolves over time.

Thus the thought of – I am lonely could evolve into – I am not well-liked, could evolve into – I am a horrible person, could evolve into – I feel uncomfortable with people, could evolve into – leave me alone and the consequence of this sequence results in the physical body creating eczema – a hoary red scaly armour like plating on the skin designed to keep people away.

Of course the mutations of that original thought pattern are immense and could produce different symptoms or different forms of eczema.

Doctors then wonder why treating the symptoms do not work because they have not got to the main issue, that of the person feeling lonely…work on that issue and the eczema clears up.

Some thoughts travel more established, more comfortable pathways within the mind, we feel safe with them even though they could be self-destructive and other more esoteric thought patterns are consigned to less evolved, less chosen pathways. Thoughts could not be as diverse if this mixing did not occur.Illness could not be so diverse or consistent without this transitivity.

Therefore to really combat illness we really need to get to the beginning of the thought pattern before it evolves to stop it progressing into a disease.

Treating disease

Getting people to change the way they think and to eradicate these evolved thought processes from their psyche can help eradicate symptoms.

Geneticists have often said that arthritis is not hereditary but we all know of families where it is suffered through many generations. If we look at then, that a thought pattern or way of thinking is the hereditary factor here not the illness, then it may become a lot more clearer and easier to treat.

The problem here does not lie in now curing the individual but trying to get to the basic thought pattern that sets it all off – that original butterfly’s wing beat.

Sometimes evolution has covered the trail very well and we are just treating the evolved aspects of the original thought, the trick is to get down to the basic original thought that led to the evolution of the thought and into disease. This may take following the breakated avenues of the thought process to eliminate all evolved patterns.

Therefore the common medical model of treating the symptoms misses the point hugely, they are just treating the highly evolved thought pattern at it’s later stages which is why so many diseases are not responding to treatment but if the medical model tried to get back to the beginning and treat the original thought that started it all off, then success will occur.

There is no one model to cure disease – thought patterns will evolve and change creating more different and sometimes more complex disease states out of them. The very nature of breakation means that we cannot and never will be able to accurately predict disease and how it will evolve in an individual.

Treating the symptoms can help people live with their illnesses but it can never stop the chaos unless you get to the original thought.

Essential oil effects on disease

Essential oils help to get back to the original idea or thought pattern before evolution takes place, it also helps to extinguish the evolutionary stages along the way, thus making them the ideal tool to use to access these outcomes of chaos.

Aromatherapy Times 2010